Walimex Pro drone filter for DJI Mavic Pro CPL (21470)

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Over Walimex Pro drone filter for DJI Mavic Pro CPL (21470)

How polarisation filters work Circular (CPL) and linear polarisation filters work on the same principle. Optical grids on the filter film ensure that only linear light waves that are aligned with the grid reach the lens. Unlike a linear polarization filter, the circular polarization filter has an additional lambda/4 plate. This plate ensures that the linear light beams produced previously in the polarization filter are redistributed to all parts and are at an angle of 90 degrees to each other. At the same time, one part is delayed by a quarter of the wavelength. This means that behind the filter, all polarization directions are back again. Using the walimex pro drone filter The polarization filter is still one of the most frequently used filters in photography. Polarization filters only let through light within a certain frequency range. All other light is filtered out. This filtering reduces reflections on glass and the surface of water or puddles. At the same time, they increase colour saturation and enhance contrast. Objects that are located behind glass (display windows, car windscreens) become visible once more. For landscape photography, the polarization filter produces the best effect with a shooting angle of 90 degrees to the sun. The polarization filter is the only filter whose effect cannot be achieved afterwards using image editing software. Reflections must be removed at the time the image is taken; after that, it's no longer possible. - Circular polarisation filter for the DJI Mavic Pro - Filters out reflections in glass and water - Increases colour saturation and enhances contrast - Can be adjusted by turning (circular)